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Boutique of Ideas, Design & Development

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We never run out of ideas!

golanarts.com are Tal & Omer Golan.

We produce interactive exhibits, innovative physical interfaces, large scale projections and digital media. Over 10 years experience in the industry. We have been designing & developing interactive experiences since 2002. Over the years we acquired a great deal of knowledge and produced many websites & projects for customers from all around the world.


Interactive Media

We specialise in innovative interactive media experiences. We develop custom tools and audio/visual experiences for coorporate events, museums, architects, designers and communications agencies.

Design is the key

We're experienced in both front & back-end design and development. Some of our services are Web design, Graphic design, Interaction, UI, Logo & Banner design.


We advise individuals and companies on Internet Marketing, Branding, production, and creative problem solving.

If you'd like to know more about the services and solutions we can offer you, then please get in touch.

zroob.com amithaim.com abimoriya.co.il poliva.co.il macro.org.il celinius.com artpolitica.com omta.co


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Golan Arts
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